About ACVE.

American Collector Vehicle Exporters was formed to supply customers in the Far and Middle East with exotic cars, muscle cars and custom motorcycles. Based in Las Vegas, the company has strong relationships with top US manufacturers, customizers and classic car companies including:

➢ Shelby Automobiles

➢ The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

➢ Panoz Auto Development

➢ Wheel2Wheel – Brand New 1957 Chevrolet Convertible

➢ Classic Design Concepts – Brand New 1967 Mustang Flashback

➢ American Expedition Vehicles – Custom Jeep Product

➢ Calloway Corvettes

➢ (Insert) Motorcycles

➢ Classic Mustangs

➢ Chip Foose

➢ Quality Metal Crafters



➢ YearOne