Thomas has been intimately involved in the new product development and limited production (niche) segment of the automotive industry for over 35 years. This last decade he has been focused on Ford low volume production programs.

Throughout his career Thomas has forged strategic alliances with numerous automotive designers, including renowned aftermarket designer and TV celebrity Chip Foose. He has also formed intricate relationships with Year 1, Wheel 2 Wheel, CDC, etc. to design, engineer and manufacture perfect recreations of 1969 Mustang’s, 1969 Camaro’s, 1955 & ‘57 Chevrolet convertibles. He has also designed and supplied product to the Limousine Industry and worked with the most exotic motorcycle builders in the country.

Thomas worked for Lear Corporation ($18 billion annual Tier 1 supplier) prior to his work with the limited production automotive market.

There, he setup a limited production low volume manufacturing division (with responsibilities throughout Europe and all of North America). In the early 1990’s he designed, engineered and production launched the very first automotive application of the flip down LCD monitor (8” screen TV) for General Motors, which launched in the Oldsmobile Silhouette Mini Van and previewed at the Detroit International Auto Show in 1997.

Thomas is located in the Michigan ACVExport offices and can be reached by calling +1.248.459.3401, or by email at

YUQI LU - Executive Director, China Market and Technology